Remute Retro Albums coming in Limited Editions!

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Remute Retro Albums coming in Limited Editions!

Outstanding techno sound on retro cartridges

Stuttgart, February 17th, 2022. Strictly Limited Games is excited to announce the cooperation with the German techno music artist and DJ Remute to create special versions of the music albums “Technoptimistic” and “The Cult of Remute” on retro cartridges. The limited editions of the retro albums including exclusive physical collectibles will be available for pre-order at Strictly Limited Games starting February 20th.

About the artist

Remute is a German music artist and DJ, well known in the Techno genre. In 2008 he also founded his own music label by the same name “Remute”. Over the course of his DJ career he performed in several famous clubs all over the country. The special thing about his music – as a dedicated retro game fan, he started to release his remarkable work on equally remarkable formats, like floppy disks and retro console cartridges – combining futuristic sound with nostalgic retro charm. 

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Limited Editions of the Retro Music Albums

Celebrating the work of Remute, Strictly Limited Games will offer special limited versions of two of Remute’s outstanding albums – each coming with an exclusive bonus song on the included CD, specially created for this release. Eager collectors and techno music enthusiasts will get the chance to secure a limited edition at Strictly Limited Games, as soon as pre-order starts this week on Sunday, February 20th. 

Official Mega Drive/Genesis box art

Technoptimistic is an amazing techno cartridge album compatible with the classic 16-bit console Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis. It includes 16 unique tracks (two of which are QR code bonus tracks) with a wide range of different moods to enjoy.

“The machines work for us. We program, they execute. Technology helps us with uncomfortable tasks, makes us do adventurous things and can even cure us when we’re ill. If we maintain a positive attitude towards technology, it will enhance our minds and take us to far places. That’s why I am TECHNOPTIMISTIC.” – Remute

The Technoptimistic Retro Music Album will be available for €54.99, limited to 1,999 copies and will feature the following:

  • Technoptimistic on a cartridge compatible with Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis
  • The album on CD, including the exclusive bonus track “Volatile”
  • A reversible poster
  • An autograph card hand-signed by the artist
  • A beautiful spaceship-papercraft
  • A manual
SNES Box art

The Cult of Remute is the 10th music album from the talented techno artist and includes 18 tracks (two of which are QR code bonus tracks). Fans can look forward to getting carried away by outstanding techno beats on a cartridge compatible with the SNES®!

The Cult of Remute Retro Music Album will be available for €54.99, limited to 1,499 copies and will feature: 

  • The Cult of Remute on a cartridge compatible with SNES®
  • The album on CD, including the exclusive bonus track “Morbid”
  • A large poster (Din A2)
  • An autograph card hand-signed by the artist
  • A special lenticular card 
  • A manual


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