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PR Hound is a global PR consultancy service specialising in gaming, mobile entertainment, and consumer electronics. With decades of experience in the gaming industry, our team has worked on some of the industry’s biggest titles. We have the experience, resources, and expertise to make your product reach its full potential. We have established and extensive relationships with both print and digital consumer media across the globe, ensuring your title hits the right inboxes for maximum potential.

Press Release Drafting

We’ll take care of preparing all press release copy, including drafting engaging press releases, and making necessary amends until you’re happy with what we’ll be sending to the media.

PR Distribution​

With a contact list of nearly 35,000 key online, print, YouTube, Twitch, and social influencers, we make sure your press release gets into the right hands.

Top Tier Media & Influencers

We'll proactively contact the top 10/20 media and influencers in the relevant category in order to encourage news articles, features, developer interviews, and reviews.

Reactive Press Office

We’ll deal with incoming inquiries, provide further information, images, and general media assets. Provided on a monthly basis for a agreed period of time.

Digital Clipping​

We will monitor online coverage gained and provide an ‘as it happens’ PDF clipping service for a period of one month following an announcement made.

Print Clipping​

We can provide you with print media clipping. We recommend monitoring print media for a minimum of two months to allow time for publishing schedules.

Translation & Localisation​

We can help translate your campaigns into Latin America Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, German, French, and Italian to target a wider demographic.

Kickstarter Specialists​

As well as being indie developer PR consultants, Lola and the team have been on the Kickstarter trail for quite some time and, with her help, some fabulous titles have been successfully funded – raising a total that now exceeds $3,000,000!

Crowdfunding Review

We’ll review your draft for your crowdfunding campaign in order maximize its potential to succeed. No PR agency comes close to our track record!

Accessibility Assessment​

We can assess your game on how inclusive it is for disabled players, offering advice and solutions to avoid barriers and include a wider audience.

Bespoke Services​

Website hosting, business development, partnerships & sponsorship, mobile ASO, review management, events, press tours and much more.