Indie Dev Discord

Hound Picked Games is an Indie Dev Discord server run by the friendly team here at PR Hound. By joining us, you’ll be making what is undoubtedly one of the best decisions of your gaming life. Don’t believe us? Just ask one of our many existing members.  :video_game: :space_invader:

Whilst PR Hound is renowned for discovering only the very best indie games and helping them achieve success on Kickstarter (check out Umbra  & Battle Princess Madelyn?), we are also experts in our field with over 50 years experience supporting games developers with PR, Marketing and so much more.

Hound Picked Games is a specialist Indie Dev Discord server, it’s not just a place to discuss awesome games promoted by PR Hound, but it’s a place where Game Developers, Content Creators and Gamers can get together to discuss and share awesome gaming experiences.

Indie Dev Discord Rules

We have some basic rules on the Hound Picked Discord server. Don’t worry, they won’t keep you up at night trying to learn them all.

  • If you have a Hound or any other pet, share some pictures. – OK, this isn’t really a rule, but we love dogs, so let’s see them!
  • We ask you keep discussion to the relevant channel whilst here. If you are unsure on where to post something, please don’t hesitate to ask a Moderator or Admin.
  • Bullying, threats or harassment aimed at other users will not be tolerated and any instance of threatening or harassing behaviour will be dealt with swiftly and immediately by the Moderators & Admin.
  • We fully enforce the Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. If we catch anyone breaking of these, we’ll swiftly ban you and report you to You’ve been warned.
  • Whilst we love the fact there are thousands upon thousands of awesome Discord servers available, we don’t want channels flooded with server invites. If you want to share a Discord server with our community, please contact a Admin first. If we believe it will be of interest to the Hound Media community, we’ll share it on your behalf.
  • Do not post links or images that contain; Pornography, inappropriate or offensive content, warez or leaked content, links to phishing site and spam or repost closed, modified or deleted content.
  • These rules are subject to change. New additions and amendments will be announced to the community to ensure your full cooperation

So, what are you waiting for?

Come and join us on Hound Picked Games, an Indie Dev Discord server for all involved in the indie development scene.

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