What services can PR Hound provide?

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Press Release draft and amends

Press release copy Draft engaging press release, make necessary amends until final draft

Press Release distribution

Media contact management and press release distribution Identify key online, print and broadcast journalists to target, distribute to media contacts upload to www.prhound.co.uk and promote via PRHound social media channels

Review of Crowdfunding Campaign Draft

Thorough review of your current copy for your crowdfunding campaign in order to establish changes needed for: duration of the campaign, main goal, wording, reward tiers, stretch goals, etc.

Translation and Localization Services

English to Spanish and Spanish to English translation services for your current copy for your crowdfunding campaign, as well as for your video game. Localization from Castilian Spanish to Latin American Spanish in order to target a wider demographic.

Reactive press office

Reactive press office React to incoming enquiries, provide further information, images etc. This service is provided on a monthly basis for a predetermined time or until the client requests termination (minimum of 2 months).

Media communications with top tiered sites.

Media communications Proactively contact the top (10/20) media in the relevant category in order to encourage news articles.

Print clipping monitoring

Print clippings monitoring Using Press Index we can provide you with clippings from print media at a monthly cost as listed. We recommend monitoring print media for a minimum of 2 months to allow time for publishing schedules.

Online clipping monitoring

Online clippings monitoring where we will monitor online coverage gained and provide a ‘as it happens’ PDF clipping service for a period of 1 month following any announcement made.

Bespoke website creation

Got the artwork? Got the content and what pages you want to have on your website? And you don’t want to deal with the website where you prefer to be knee deep into coding? Let us take over that side and provide a great looking website to promote your product. After all, it all goes hand in hand how we work here at PR Hound…

Other services (bespoke website design & hosting, review programme management, events, press tours, reports for example) are quoted per project, please contact us.