Our current and past clients

Lola the PR Hound has been on the trail for quite some time and, with her help, some fabulous titles have been successfully funded on Kickstarter – raising a total that now exceeds $2,200,000! Here’s some of the talent she’s sniffed out!


SolarFall Studios

“The advice and services of PR Hound were extremely helpful in the success of the Kickstarter of Umbra. Their connections allowed us to reach the biggest websites to promote our game and their Kickstarter experience with creating, managing and maintaining a campaign is second to none. We simply could not have achieved success without their help!” – Daniel Dolui.


Umbra by SolarFall Games blew Lola and the team away when we saw it in action. Confident that we could garner the game the publicity it needed and playable code into the right hands, the campaign was an incredible success.


Mono Studio

“PR Hound’s expertise saved our campaign for InSomnia, there’s no two ways about it. Their knowledge of crowdfunding is second to none and their extensive contacts meant that our game was sent to the right people at the right places. If you need help publicising your game or creating, running and managing a Kickstarter campaign, the team at PR Hound will give you the optimum chance needed for success.” – Guyduk Anatoliy – Mono Studio.


Mono Studio approached PR Hound whilst their Kickstarter was underway, worried that their campaign was failing. Soon it was turned around and barked its way over the funding line and a new retro scifi inspired RPG was funded.

12 is Better Than 6

Ink Stains Games

“PR Hound made a huge difference for our project, they worked with us before we even launched the campaign by helping us make our campaign more appealing to potential backers. PR Hound also helped us attract media coverage, arranged for YouTube Let’s Players and Twitch streamers to look at the pre-alpha so that we could show why we feel very passionately about 12 is Better Than 6. The team also managed the Kickstarter campaign, which made a huge difference for an indie studio such as ours and allowed us to focus on interviews and to carry on with development. Without the Hound, we definitely wouldn’t have funded.” – Antonio – lead programmer at Ink Stain Games

12 is Better Than 6

Ink Stains Games came to PR Hound for help with their crowdfunding campaign, having failed on Kickstarter previously. Help with managing the campaign, worldwide press attention, interviews and granting hands on access to an early build ensured that the revisit to Kickstarter was successful.


One More Level


Warlocks developer, One More Level, sounded the Hound when they needed help with getting media attention for their Kickstarter campaign. We helped them feature on sites and publications all over the world and guided them to turn around their ailing campaign to fund!

» One More Level

Animal Gods

Still Games

Animal Gods

‘We are pleased to have worked with PR Hound during our crowd-funding campaign. Not only did they reach out to over 19,000 media contacts & garner our project significant press attention, they were also very “hands-on” with running the project itself. We spoke with them everyday and they offered valuable feedback to help maximize our total funding. Through their aid, Animal Gods reached its target!’ – Kara Myren, lead programmer at Still Games

» Still Games




MyDream Interactive approached PR Hound to represent their fabulous realistic sandbox title, MyDream. ‘Think outside the blocks, play and construct realistic looking structures and terraform the world to your design’! As well as a sandbox title, MyDream also aims to be the world’s biggest adventure game that players create and contribute to themselves. People from all over the globe are making hundreds of new quests daily that allow you to travel across an infinite number of worlds and experience endless possibilities – MyDream Interactive

» www.mydream.com


Cubical Drift


Cubical Drift approached PRHound to help publicise the KickStarter for their first game, Planets³ – a Minecraft inspired open world RPG and we’re proud to say that we helped push the game to fund and beyond its $250,000 target!

» Cubical Drift


Survivalist Games


“PRHound first approached me as part of their out-reach to indie developers. I had just released a mobile game and was struggling to gain visibility and momentum.

As I brought the game to other platforms, they drove the press relations and advised on PR matters. The results could not have been more different. The press involvement with the latest launch has been amazing and the game launched to an expectant community.

The team are incredibly open and personable to work with, which is also reflected in the range of contacts they have available to them throughout the industry. I would happily recommend that anybody looking to promote their games consider their services and will happily work with them on future titles and releases.” – Chris Roberts of Survivalist Games

» Survivalist Games

Attack of the Wall Street Titan

Dark Tonic

Attack of The Wall Street Titan

“Dan from PR Hound is a super well-connected games PR champion. Personable, bright, humble, and determined, he’s the ace up your sleeve and gets results. He’s been a critical part of Dark Tonic’s success, and very highly recommended.” – CEO, Creative Director at Dark Tonic.

» Dark Tonic

Beyond Eyes.

tiger and squid

Beyond Eyes

We’re super excited to be championing tiger and squid’s first title, Beyond Eyes.  Beyond Eyes is a game about a young girl named Rae, who tragically lost her eyesight at a young age. Players help Rae navigate and explore unfamiliar surroundings, trying to find a missing friend.

» Tiger and Squid

Jason the Greek and the Ladies of Lemnos.


Jason The Greek

Jason the Greek and the Ladies of Lemnos oozes quality visuals and gameplay of the point and click adventures of yesteryear.  We’re incredibly excited to be championing this fabulous tongue-in-cheek game and are pleased to say that with our help, the game reached its KickStarter target!

» DreamFever