PR Hound. A brand’s best friend.

Delivering passion and devotion to a product that truly deserves media attention, that’s PR Hound’s commitment to you.

The advice and services of PR Hound were extremely helpful in the success of the Kickstarter of Umbra. Their connections allowed us to reach the biggest websites to promote our game and their crowdfunding experience with creating, managing and maintaining a campaign is second to none. We simply could not have achieved success without their help.

– Daniel Dolui of SolarFall Games

We are pleased to have worked with PR Hound during our crowdfunding campaign. Not only did they reach out to over 19,000 media contacts & garner our project significant press attention, they were also very “hands-on” with running the project itself. We spoke with them everyday and they offered valuable feedback to help maximize our total funding. Through their aid, Animal Gods reached its target!

– Kara Myren, – Lead Programmer at Still Games

Dan is a highly skilled PR-Pro, great communicator and terrific colleague. He came to us in a time of great depression and it was due to his PR work that U55 – END OF THE LINE was recognized by major news outlets worldwide.

– Malte M. Boettcher – Producer

Thanks to PR Hound, the press involvement with the latest launch has been amazing and the game launched to an expectant community.

– Chris Roberts Survivalist Games

Dan from PR Hound is a super well-connected games PR champion. Personable, bright, humble, and determined, he’s the ace up your sleeve and gets results..

– Eric Boosman – Dark Tonic